Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Altmire, Murphy, Holden Backstabbed Clinton

If you're a GOP challenger, can you really get a huge chunk of Hillary Supporters to vote for you? Sure. In the case of congressmen like Altmire, Murphy, and Holden, they stabbed Hillary in the back, going against the wishes of their constituents. Also, they received money, apparently in exchange for their support ($10,000 to Altmire, $18,000 to Murphy). Holden didn't receive money, but he refused to support Hillary, the obvious choice of voters in his district. During the campaign, Sen. Clinton was subject to charges that she was a war-monger, a liar, and a racist. Those charges, as former Pres. Clinton and others noted, derived ultimately from the Obama camp. Misogyny was rampant in the effort to destroy Mrs. Clinton. What were the reactions of Altmire, Murphy, and Holden to the dirty campaigning? They had none -- perhaps because they themselves use sleazy campaign tactics. Point these facts out to voters in your district. When Altmire and his slime-ball associates start hurling mud at Melissa Hart, as they will, I hope she responds something like this: "Jason Altmire is using the same kind of hateful mud-slinging and name-calling that his 'boy' Obama did to destroy Hillary Clinton." Mention her name often when Altmire and his 527s start throwing the pig-slog. Why will Jason bring out the mud-machine? Because he has a record of tax hikes and gas-price inaction that he doesn't want to discuss with PA voters. No Hillary Clinton backer with any self-respect will vote for Jason Altmire. (Note: See for information on Obama's payments to Altmire and Murphy.)

My online associate Dr. Lynette Long sent out the following message today about Democratic congressional and senatorial officeholders who basically stabbed Sen. Hillary Clinton in the back. She says as follows:

I worked all weekend on this you tube video with GeekLove. [The video] highlights the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives that met the following for criteria:

1. the states of these members of Congress voted for Senetor Clinton in the Democratic primary;

2. the districts of these Congressmen voted for Clinton in the primary

3. they accepted PAC money from Obama, and

4. they endorsed Obama.

Please forward this video far and wide, and post on all appropriate websites."Money Changes Everything :: Superdelegates Are For Sale"

Thank you for your help.
Lynette Long

Dr. Lynette Long is a licensed psychologist practicing in Bethesda,Maryland. She is the author of twenty books and dozens of articles for both popular and professional journals. Dr. Long has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs and was the host of her own radio show, One-on-One with Dr. Lynette Long. Dr. Long has served ont he faculties of Loyola College in Maryland, The American University and the University of Maryland, Overseas Division. Dr. Long has livedi n Japan and Korea and has traveled extensively throughout the world.

The opponent of Jason Altmire is former congresswoman Melissa Hart. The opponent of Patrick Murphy is former Marine officer Tom Manion. The opponent of Tim Holden, who now claims he's voting "moot" on Obama, is former PA state policewoman Toni Gilhooley. They need your support to defeat the three men who went against the will of their constituents and have supported Barack Obama, a candidate detested by millions of people in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Please donate to the GOP candidates highlighted!

No supporter of Sen. Clinton who has any integrity will vote for people like Altmire, Murphy, and Holden.

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