Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Democrats caused high gas prices -- period. Barack Obama now has a pathetic commercial playing in Pennsylvania and elsewhere claiming that it would take 7 years for drilling offshore and in ANWR to generate increased domestic oil supplies.

I have news for the windbag Obama: if a Democratic President (Bill Clinton) hadn't vetoed legislation providing for ANWR drilling, we would have that oil -- and refined gasoline -- right now. Obama likes to mislead the public -- and so do the Democratic representatives and Senators whose solution to high gas prices is to do nothing.

I'm asking people like Melissa Hart, Tom Manion, Toni Gilhooley, Craig Williams, Marina Kats, and Lou Barletta to put up billboards on every highway in their district. In Melissa's District, they'll say: "Like High Gas Prices? Blame Jason Altmire. Vote Melissa Hart!"

I hope every candidate mentioned in this paragraph does something similar. The Democrats caused high gas prices for reasons that are incomprehensible, and their solution is to let them go higher -- much higher. They are short on ideas and long on rhetoric.

Please support the GOP candidates mentioned above by clicking on their names and making a small donation. I have -- and will again.

The American prople are getting extremely nervous: they realize that the Democrats' solution -- which is to do nothing -- could end up destroying our economy. If gas prices continue to rise, which people like Obama and his supporters think is a good thing, it could bring this country to its knees. Obama and congressional buddies call it "conservation". Sane people call it devastation.

No candidate is exploiting this issue more effectively than Melissa Hart, running against Jason Altimire in the 4th congressional district (where I happen to live). Altmire, who vote metronomically against increased domestic oil production and refining capacity. The following is a release from Melissa's campaign; it should be a model for other GOP candidates in Pennsylvania and across the country.


When will Altmire act to ease the pain at the pump?

Cranberry Township, PA – Today marks one month since the national average for the price of a gallon of gas hit $4.00. As Congress returns from its week-long vacation after a month of doing nothing to ease the pain at the pump the average price of gasoline has now reached an all-time high of $4.11 per gallon.

“I’m skeptical that any steps will be taken in this final congressional session before summer break that will help to reduce gas prices. Jason Altmire and his House leaders have yet to begin even talking about expanding American exploration or increasing American production capabilities. The topic of energy is not even on the Pelosi agenda this week. Priorities in Washington are completely out of sync with what Americans need,” stated Melissa Hart.

According to the Washington Post, Capitol Briefing, July 7, 2008:

“The House has a considerably lighter week on tap, as the chamber will consider dozens of uncontroversial bills on the suspension calendar and will also take a measure requiring the preservation of White House e-mails and bills creating a new national historic trail in New York and a new section of ‘National Wild and Scenic Rivers’ in Massachusetts.”

Altmire continues to recite the Speaker Pelosi talking points about forcing companies to drill on 68 million acres they have leased where resources are lacking. He persists in promoting sham “use it or use it” legislation to end such leases as a way to increase domestic supply and make our country less dependent on foreign sources. This would do nothing and is in fact already law.”

Hart added, “Demanding that oil companies drill on the 68 million acres which do not contain significant resources is not a solution. It is simply a continuation of shameless political posturing. Congress must permit responsible drilling for oil and natural gas in the most promising areas – ANWR and the Outer Continental Shelf.”

Currently exploration is off limits on 97% or 1.7 billion acres of the United States Outer Continental Shelf and 94% or 658 million acres of federal land managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

“America needs more supply, we need more refining capabilities and we need it NOW. An overwhelming majority of the country supports expansion of domestic drilling. It’s time for Altmire to start listening to people that elected him, not his Washington DC leaders,” said Hart

According to a recent CNN/Opinion Research poll, 73% of Americans favor an expansion of offshore drilling for oil and natural gas in currently off-limits U.S. waters.

Altmire has said NO to responsible drilling in ANWR, NO to exploration off our coasts, NO to opening other federal lands, and NO to new refineries. The ‘no we can’t’ approach is the wrong mind-set for our Congressman. Increasing domestic supply and pursuing the best alternatives for our energy future should be a priority mission for America. When this country comes together and makes this a priority, it can be done quickly and safely.”

“Each day the Congress wastes is another day that families, farmers, charities and business owners will continue to struggle with their increasing bills. There is no end in sight for truckers, delivery businesses, airlines, etc. The big challenges are only beginning now for those who use oil to heat their homes.”


Alicia Collins
Campaign Manager
People With Hart
P: 724.779.4750
F: 724.779.4714
Email: alicia@peoplewithhart.com

Coming soon: columns on Craig William's superb run for Congress in PA's 7th District against Joe Sestak, a person who clearly care more about his Party than his country. Sestak is another favorite of Nancy Pelosi's and ane enemy of domestic energy production. I'll also write more about how people like Jason Altmire and Patrick Murphy stabbled candidate Hillary Clinton in the back -- in exchange for hefty campaign donations from Barack Obama. Also, I'll be writing soon about Marina Kats's run against a truly disgraceful woman, Allyson Schwartz.


Stacy said...

Great read Stephen. Apparently, with congress' approval rating hitting an all-time low of 9%, they are getting hammered on this issue. We must continue to push this issue along with lowering taxes and cutting pork barrel spending in Washington.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Thanks so much Stacy. You are right on target. I have some material on PA congressmen's pork-barrel spending, and I'll send it along.


Mike said...

George W. Bush was President and Melissa Hart was in Congress 7 years ago. They did nothing about drilling the entire 6 years they were in office together even though this was an issue the entire time.

For example, just 2 years ago when Melissa Hart was still in office, gas was over $3.00 a gallon and the Republican Congress still did nothing about drilling. If they didn't do anything at $3.00 a gallon, why should anyone think that the Republicans would have done anything at $4.00. The only difference is that now they can blame someone else instead of taking responsibility.

President Bush, not Congress, is still preventing the areas from being leased for oil exploration. He could start start issuing leases today if he wanted to, but he refuses.

Stacy said...


You are being misleading that Melissa Hart and Congress did nothing. I continue to do research on this subject and I found out some interesting things.

12/1/2001-House was controlled by Rep., but Senate was controlled by Dems. House passed Energy plan that included drilling in ANWR as well as funding additional nuclear power. Senate dems would not let the bill pass.

2002-Senate again continued to kill a bill that would have drilled in ANWR, nuclear power, and tax incentives for alternative fuel.

2003-Rep.controlled both Houses. The bill AGAIN passed the House, but the Dems led by Senator Schumer killed the bill in a fillibuster.

I have plenty more examples and could continue to list them, but as far as I can tell Melissa Hart did her job in Congress. What has Jason Altmire done in the two years he has been there with both houses being held by Dems?

Adamgv said...

Those who raise gas prices are already killing our children. Take back our country! Acquire the Red Alert Newsletter.