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Punishing Backstabbers in PA

Added Monday: The McCain-Hillary image (see below) on the main McCain site is truly remarkable. Can candidates like Toni Gilhooley, Melissa Hart, Tom Manion, Marina Kats, Lou Barletta and others pick up thousands -- and tens of thousands -- of Hillary Supporters? You bet your bippy they can -- and will -- if they reach out aggressively and compassionately to "Hillary" voters (more about this in coming days). On one huge Yahoo Group, there was a report that Barack Obama wanted to throw Nancy Pelosi under the bus and replace her as Speaker with Rahm Emmanuel, an Illinois congressman and Obama sycophant. The following is a response from one staunch Hillaryite: "Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GODS OF THE GOVERNMENT, let this be true!!!! Backstabbing Nancy needs to be first in line for the Obama backstab, followed by Richardson." Among the people Hillaryites are identifying as key "backstabbers" (a critical word) are: Jason Altmire (Hart's opponent), Patrick Murphy (Manion's opponent), and even Tim Holden (Gilhooley's opponent). For the seriousness of the movement against backstabbers, click on the following link:
More to follow late Monday. Please make at least a small contribution to the GOP candidates with links above. Any Hillary Supporter who votes for candidates like Altmire and Murphy is rewarding bad behavior by misogynists.
McCain-Hillary image from Hallelujah! Please copy and paste on your own web site or blog.

[Note: I'll be bright eyed and bushy-tailed [no, I don't have a tail] tomorrow, building on the following column. Tonight (Sunday), I put up a new column on my Hillary Supporters blog about "Why Republicans Dislike Hillary Clinton." It's the first in a series about "My Life Among the Clintonistas," one of the most remarkable "adventures" I've had in many years. If you want to know what Hillary Supporters are Really Like, tune in.] PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE COLUMN FOR A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT FROM PUMAPAC.

Why is it so critical that John McCain wins Pennsylvania? One reason is that if he wins the Keystone State (and adds Ohio, as expected) he presumably will be President of the U.S. But there's another factor: if McCain wins PA big, he will bring along with him many congressional candidates, including Melissa Hart, Tom Manion, Toni Gilhooley, Lou Barletta, and perhaps others (maybe even including one of my favorite people, Marina Kats).

As many of you know, I've been focusing lately on building support for my favorite candidates from "Hillary Supporters," people who favored Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primaries. That effort is bearing a lot of fruit. Many Hillary Supporters want to punish "SuperDelegates" who basically stabbed Sen. Clinton in the back. Such people include Hart's opponent, Jason Altmire, Gilhooley's opponent, Tim Holden, and Manion's opponent, Patrick Murphy. They have been targeted for defeat by many Hillary-Supportive sites, including

Recently, a group of Hillary Supporters asked me how they could help defeat Barack Obama in Pennsylvania. I sent them the following message:

"Pennsylvania is a major battleground state. Those of us in PA need to work together -- and we don't have to agree on everything -- to contact people in this state, mostly Dems and Independents, and make a good, simple case against Obama -- and for McCain. We need to contact our friends, family, and acquaintances not to vote for him. The Hillary Supporters in PA -- and 1.2 million-plus voted for her -- are the absolutely crucial group in McCain's carrying this state. Everyone on this (Yahoo) group knows someone in PA. Let them know your thoughts on the presidential election. If they don't want to vote, that's fine (sorta). But just urge them, in a friendly way, not to vote for Obama. John Murtha, a Hillary Supporter, said that Obama could not carry his district "right now." He also suggested Obama might not carry the state. The same is true in Ohio and perhaps even NJ. Let's keep it that way. Obama's poll "bounce" after becoming the presumptive nominee was like the thud of a bowling ball."

Of course, there's always one in every crowd, and a Hillary Supporter responded: "Hey, I live in Missouri. I don't know anybody in Pennsylvania." he also added that Obama's online effort was better than McCain's.

My response to him was as follows:

McCain recently shook up his staff and brought in a new person -- Steve Schmidt -- basically, to run the campaign, a very good move. He has also put Carly Fiorina, former head of H-P, in a role as his liaison to women's groups, particularly Hillary Supporters. I believe Meg Whitman of eBay is also working with women's groups. McCain is under heavy pressure to choose a woman as his V-P.

The web issue is a big one. It's partly generational, but the McCain campaign is getting better at it. The key "unofficial" site is: . A great site is by my friend from New Hampshire, Kathy, and it's: . It's useful for bloggers and other onliners. One site that was forced off Blogger by some over-zealous Obama types is: A great site for mothers and mothers-to-be is:

The primary site for Clinton backers who now support McCain is:

The best site to look at for specific groups dedicated to defeating Obama is: . There are 300 organizations listed there.

Also on nobamanetwork are many, many sites and organizations dedicated to or inspired by Hillary Clinton. You've probably heard about PUMA and JustSayNoDeal. I mentioned earlier: , which is a great one. It has over 500,000 members!

Major Bulletin from PUMAPAC to McCain Supporters. PUMA, recently re-dubbed "Party Unity My Ass" (originally "People United Means Action") needs your support and your money., June 29, 2008"Why Obama & Dean Fear 4 Million!"

"The fear that the PUMA community and their silent supporters will realize the power of their fundraising. If just half of those 4 million who do not support Obama were to immediately give $10 to both the McCain campaign and PumaPac, the influx of cash would spread the Puma message like a wildfire through the media while providing the McCain campaign with the extra resources they need to overcome the wealthy who have funded 60% of Obama's campaign. If the just half of this 4 million were to contribute the media would be forced to question a campaign that they have more often referred to as a "movement", than as the "political campaign" it is."--J. Brown, June 29, 2008, Politically Drunk on Power. I have given my $10 to PUMAPAC and $25 to McCain. Please do the same.


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