Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama, Dems Destroying U.S. Economy

If you're into YouTube, here's a link to an extremely important video by Carly Fiorina, former CEO of H-P and a strong possibility for V-P on McCain's ticket.

The video is about why she supports John McCain and her praise of Hillary Clinton. Very, very good message

The video could serve as a model for all Republican candidates, especially those working hard to get backing from Hillary Supporters. On another blog, I write today about "My Life Among Clintonistas," talking about who those Hillary Supporters are and what they want from candidates. I work closely with Democrats and Independents in the effort called NoBamaMission. I'm one of 15 national leaders.

There's a diehard Democrat named Mike Pasternak who regularly "comments" on my blogs, always using stale Democrat talking points. My western PA political ally (Stacy), who blogs at ( answers Mike, who is a "yeller dog Democrat," one who would vote for a yellow dog before he'd vote Republican.

Mike is a classic PA Democrat, dumb as a doorknob. [The following was sent to congressional candidates and staff members in PA, IL, CA, and elsewhere.]

The information Stacy provides [scroll down] will be useful as you draw-and-quarter your opponents on the energy question. Her reply focuses on Jason Altmire, a human slug, but it applies to Democrats generally on energy.

I continue to work everyday on "NoBama" efforts, and I believe they will pay dividends for our congressional and senatorial candidates. Clinton Democrats (many of them are really "Reagan Democrats") are asking me which Democratic Superdelegates (e.g., Altmire and Murphy) stabbed Hillary in the back, and I'm providing the information.

If you or your staffs want to look for useful information on this subject, you can find it at: It shows which congressional reps and Senators (Kerry, Kennedy, Rockefeller, Bob Casey, others) favored Obama and how much money they got from the Obama Campaign. One way to stay off that kind of "hit" list is to do what Cong. Tim Holden did and NEVER declare.

The list consists mainly of congressmen whose districts (Altmire, Murphy) went heavily for Clinton but whose endorsements Obama. I hope Melissa Hart says, "Jason Altmire stabbed Mrs. Clinton in the back," or, "Jason kicked Sen. Clinton under the bus for his own political advantage." No Hillary Supporter in his or her right mind would vote for Altmire (or Murphy, or Holden, or Sen. Dick Durbin, or Pelosi).

Of course, someone like Tom Manion can use the same charges against Patrick Murphy, who strongly supports Obama even though his district went massively for Hillary Clinton. There is growing understanding among Hillary Supporters that people like Murphy and Altmire have real contempt for most Democrats.

In districts where a delegate/representative endorsed Mrs. Clinton, the congressmen are still vulnerable because they're generally allies of individuals (Pelosi and others) who are perceived as having shafted Sen. Clinton.

Overall, the Democrats remain totally vulnerable on gas prices. Obama's solution (and they will all follow his lead) is to do nothing and let gas prices double, so as to ensure "conservation." Of course, that would wreck the economy and destroy 10 million jobs, so it's not really a good "solution."

The following are Stacy’s comments eviscerating Democrats’ talking points on energy:

Stacy says to Mike [the Democrat], "You are being misleading saying that Melissa Hart and Congress did nothing [in the past on energy]. I continue to do research on this subject and I found out some interesting things.

"12/1/2001-House was controlled by Reps., but Senate was controlled by Dems. House passed Energy plan that included drilling in ANWR as well as funding additional nuclear power. Senate Dems would not let the bill pass.

"2002: Senate again continued to kill a bill that would have drilled in ANWR, nuclear power, and tax incentives for alternative fuel.2003-Rep.controlled both Houses.

The bill AGAIN passed the House, but the Dems led by Senator Schumer killed the bill in a filibuster.I have plenty more examples and could continue to list them, but as far as I can tell Melissa Hart did her job in Congress.

"What has Jason Altmire done in the two years he has been in Congress with both houses being held by Dems?"

Future columns this week will deal with R.
Craig Williams against D. Joe Sestak, and R. Marina Kats v. D. Allyson Schwartz. The column below deals with the crucial issue of gas prices and how to present it to PA voters.


Joe Talarico said...

If you would like to know what went wrong with the economy, it's simple: tax cuts for the rich and the Iraq war, both brought to you by the republicans. John McSame has no new answers, his solutions are more tax cuts for the rich, and he proposes to balance the budget by wining the Iraq war. I guess the insurgency really is in its last throes this time. Stupidity is repeating the (Mc)same mistakes and expecting a different outcome. End of story

Mike said...

Wow, I am a label just like Barack Obama and Melissa Hart. Actually, I have a big red dog, and I would rather vote for my dog instead of many Democrats and Republicans. I voted for George H.W. Bush, Arlen Specter, Jim Roddey and many other Republicans when I thought they were the best candidate.

Stephen, have you ever voted for a Democrat or do you always just blindly press the Republican button?