Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Cesspool: PA Democratic Politics

Any Pennsylvanian -- Democrat, Republican, or Independent -- who votes for someone like John Murtha, Jason Altmire, or Patrick Murphy should immediately go home and take a long, hot shower. Those Representatives are cynical. They are corrupt. And, with the exception of the chronically dyspeptic Rep. Murtha -- they are generally amiable.

[Some people subscribe to "The Book of the Month Club." PA Dems subscribe to "The Crook of the Month Club."] Clean out Harrisburg, and Clean Out Washington, DC.

Today's column will be on the pervasive corruption in the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Some Democrats apparently believe that's what needed is a "special session" of the Pennsylvania legislature to deal with "ethics reform." In fact, that would mean many corrupt individuals, some soon to be indicted, would be debating the issue of ethics. The notion alone is monstrous.

Yes, the people indicted so far have been state legislators -- and their minions. The PA Attorney-General, Tom Corbett, says more indictments will follow from all caucases in the Senate and the House. We can't wait.

In the words of Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Baer, what's needed is "a thorough cathartic cleansing." Baer suggests it should involve not so much the charade of a special session, as "flamethrowers followed by fire hoses."

The Democrats in Pennsylvania who are fleecing the taxpayers in order to maintain their offices include every Democratic congressman in this state. Someone like John Murtha has enriched his brother, Kit, as well as his former aide, Paul Maggliochetti. In return, Murtha has received huge -- obscene -- campaign contributions. Then, he has poured the campaign money into the coffers of his political supporters.

Jason Altmire? He called Murtha his "campaign manager."

Why isn't Murtha (opposed heroically by William Russell) being indicted? Go to OpenSecrets.org and type in the names "John Murtha" and "Jason Altmire." Then, you can read exactly who is buying and paying for these characters. The same with Patrick Murphy (opposed by Tom Manion) and Allyson Schwartz (opposed by Marina Kats). Also, check out Joe Sestak (opposed by Craig Williams) to find out who's paying him off -- and not for "good government."

You don't raise as much campaign cash (way up in the millions each) as these Democratic "worthies' without selling out almost everything -- including your soul but maybe not the family silver-ware. As http://www.dncreform.com/ illustrates, Atlmire and Murphy sold out to Chicago politician Barack Obama for much more than the legendary thirty pieces of silver. With people like them in government, Pennsylvania is lucky that it's still a state.

Did Schwartz, formerly a fixture in the thoroughly dishonest Democratic caucus in the state senate, know what was going on? I'm sure Marina will ask her.

How tight were Jason Altmire (opposed by Melissa Hart) and Mike Veon, disgraced and indicted former Beaver County "fixer" and Democratic boss? Try as tight as ticks. Just about as tight as Murtha has been with Greene County Democratic czar Mike DeWeese, whose top aide was indicted for bribery, sexual and other offenses. Said aide had his mistress on the payroll for a no-work job. This is more than sleaze. It's a human sewage plant. It's, in short, Democratic politics Pennsylvania style.

Did DeWeese know? Guess. Did John Murtha know what was going on? Gee, we should ask him.

Where is Tom Corbett when we need him? Where are the flamethrowers and fire hoses we need to clean up the PA Democrats in Congress?

More to come on Wednesday and Thursday . . .


Mike said...
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Mike said...

I also thought that instead of repeating myself, I would just add a link to the last time you lied about Altmire being paid off.

Do you and Melissa Hart really believe that Barack Obmaa paid off a then unknown Jason Altmire in 2006 knowing that Altmire would later beat Melissa Hart, and then in 2008 be in a tight race against Hilary Clinton? Obama would give Nostradamus a run for his money if that were the case.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what proof do you have Altmire is connected to the former PA speaker? Since Altmire was a novice in politics when he ran, your inference is lacking.

Now on to your support for Ms. Hart. She was a dismal failure in office for PA-4. Being from the district, I recall even today how no one not even Hart can point to one achievement she made for the district while in office.

Altmire on the other hand has done a lot already. He has brought home dollars for needed infrastructure projects in his and surrounding districts. He is also assisting in keeping businesses in the Pittsburgh area, something Hart was on the wrong side of.

I realize that you don't like Democrats. It appears you even can not take a centrist independent minded democrat such as Altmire, but please keep your attacks based in reality.

If you want an honest debate of the issues, than please start one. These pathetic attacks on Altmire are pretty apparent.