Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lancaster, PA Loves John, Sarah

Superb pictures and great story about Sarah Palin (and John McCain) conquering the hearts of the people in central PA. Sarah Palin introducing GOP presidential candidate Senator John McCain. "First Dude," Todd Palin, in background.

World's youngest Young Republican? Getting sleepy waiting for Sarah . . .

I don't think they get this kind of media frenzy in Wasilla, Alaska

Huge crowd waiting with anticipation to greet an American hero and an emerging American heroine

The wonderful photos above and story are from FreeRepublic.Com --see the link at the bottom.

"When Governor Palin stepped to the microphone, the entire arena erupted in thunderous applause and deafening cheers. Thousands of camera flashes seemed to go off simultaneously. And Sarah Palin was forced, by virtue of her audience, to stand silently at the microphone for a good five minutes before she began speaking – so warm and sincere was the enthusiasm expressed by those who came to hear her.
"By far, the greatest reaction of the afternoon occurred shortly after Senator McCain stepped up to the microphone and said, ‘I am privileged to have been introduced to you by Sarah Palin. But I am looking forward even more to introducing Sarah Palin to Washington D.C.’… at which point seven thousand south-central Pennsylvanians lost their composure, and the cheers and applause were (literally) deafening. Once the din subsided, a powerful chant of ‘Sa-rah! Sa-rah! Sa-rah!’ filled the hall. And John McCain had to stand silently while the enthusiastic support being shown his running mate ran its course."

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