Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin's Absolutely Amazing Speech

"Good God, she's one of us!"

Here's what former Hillary Supporter Michelle, a great online friend, had to say about Sarah Palin's superb performance tonight.

That was the most amazing, most tremendous speech I have been witness to. I stood up in my living room several times and rah rah'd her. Rudy kicked butt too! I truly can see her as President. Train under McCain Ms. Palin and then I promise to vote for you when you run. Good Lord I have goosebumps!!!

My husband and father were amazed. My father said she needed to run for President! HA! Two southern, stereotypical men were exclaiming outloud at parts. It was kind of funny. My husband said "Good God, she is one of us! One of us is going to the White House!" I think he said it the best.


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