Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarah Wows FL, Obama Dropping

Sarah Palin and Piper Palin, up close and personal . . . She's on campaign trail with Mommie

Sarah Palin and daughter Piper, age 7, in front of a Jacksonville, FL crowd estimated at 60,000.

Bulletin: Obama Abandons Campaign in North Dakota!
Earlier Abandoned Alaska (guess why), Montana, and Georgia!
We have outstanding news to pass along from our NoBama Mission Blogger friends at the Wake Up America BLOG: Barack Obama's campaign is abandoning their efforts in the state of North Dakota, since it is clear the state will now go for the McCain/Palin ticket. Just one month ago polls had showed the race in North Dakota a dead heat. Now, McCain/Palin enjoy a double digit lead.

The collapse of the Obama campaign in North Dakota mirrors a similar trend in Montana. Obama's campaign has also abandoned their efforts in Georgia and Alaska. In the primaries, Obama won those three states.

Steve adds: look for the next state Obama abandons to be a big one, North Carolina, where he won the Democratic Primary against Hillary Clinton but is now far behind. He can't afford to give up on Ohio, but it looking more and more like a state he can't win. Recent polls have shown his once-big leads in New York and New Jersey to be dropping like rocks.
I'll soon have a list -- a long one -- of states that now look unwinnable by Obama, including nearly every state in the American South. Trends are good for McCain/Palin in Colorado, Virginia and Florida, although the battle in those states will go on for some time, as Obama pours huge quantities of money into them.
Look for voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and -- perhaps -- New Jersey to see a lot of Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin.

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