Friday, February 29, 2008


Why did John McCain tell Pennsylvanians and others that he intended "to make sure sure Americans are not deceived by an eloquent -- but empty -- call for change?" Because, despite all the media hype, he recognizes Barack Obama for what he is: a person who's long on words and short on deeds.

Here's how The (London) Economist, the most prestigious publication in Europe, described the situation: "Mr. Obama makes wonderful speeches, but offers the same old Democratic policies. He talks movingly about the need to make hard choices, but it is hard to think of any he has actually made."

The Economist adds, "He [Obama] talks of moving beyond partisanship, but according to the National Journal, a non-partisan magazine for Beltway types, he had the most liberal voting record in the entire Senate last year."

"This is Obama's greatest vulnerability, argues Peter Wehner, a former aide to George Bush: that he is a 'completely orthodox liberal in a nation that is not.'"

When Obama comes to Pennsylvania, it will be time for voters and journalists to ask him hard questions -- something that hasn't happened elsewhere to this point. Specifically, why should the moderates and conservatives of the Keystone State trust a man with a voting record that's the most liberal in the Senate?

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