Monday, February 18, 2008


On CNN (3:40 ET on Tuesday) Carl Berstein just said that the Clinton Campaign is portraying Obama as "an empty suit with great lungs." In this regard, John McCain can learn from Hillary -- and vice versa. Obama's "message of Hope" is a bumper sticker, not a vision for the country.

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Steve Maloney
Ambridge, PA

Today (Tuesday) I wrote a guest piece for the NewJerseyforJohnMcCain site. It asks the question whether McCain can really win a state like New Jersey, which has gone regularly to the Democratic candidate since the Reagan era. Much of what I say there also applies to Pennsylvania, a "Blue state" that could conceivably end up going for McCain. If you want to know how the presidential election is going, take a close look at Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. If McCain can win all three, we could be looking at a landslide. I've posted a shorter version of the NJ piece on my main blog at:

Christopher from young republican blog left the following comments:

"McCain is the first candidate to put the Northeast in play. What was the Democrat's safe ground is now threatened by him. The following states had or have GOP governors recently: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Vermont. Delaware gets only one rep. for the house and they have consistently picked a Republican. Maine and New Hampshire have 2 GOP Senators. All of this tells us that voters are willing to consider a Republican if it is the right one. To that point, McCain is certainly in the game." (Note from Steve: It's been awhile since NJ had a Republican Gov., although the GOP had six out of 13 congressional seats.)

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