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Some hard truths for conservatives and other McCain Supporters . . .

.A McCain supporter sent out an angry e-mail today that seemed designed to offend most of the groups John McCain needs to win the election. Let me give you one example: I had made the obvious point that Barack Obama has a tremendous online presence, one much greater at present than McCain's. (If you want to check that out for yourself, just Google Obama and then McCain and count the numbers, especially with emphasis on the past year.)

The McCain supporter said the following about Obama's online supporters: "When your core base is a bunch of stoned college kids spending mom and dads money with little else to do than make it to the next beer funnel . . .well you get the picture."

In other words, he's saying Obama's supporters consist mainly (exclusively?) of a bunch of drug-crazed college students "spending mom['s] and dad[']s money." Not exactly a "politic" statement.Do I believe John McCain shares in any way his supporter's comments? I don't. McCain is a good enough politician to know that he needs support from all groups in America.

He especially needs support from moderate-and-conservative young people (usually categorized as those between age the ages of 18 and 29).McCain does well with people over the age of 45 (a demographic that includes me). But to win, he also has to do well with people under the age of 45.

In fact, McCain's status as a POW/war hero and the father a daughter (Meghan) who graduated recently from college, should give him significant appeal to younger voters. There's no reason he should cede most of the nation's young voters to Obama, whose pretty words eventually will grow thin with all age segments.

In the months past, I've argued with my fellow conservatives about their political shortsightedness. We can't afford to hand over huge segments of the electorate -- including younger voters -- over to the Democrats.

In the mid-1960s, we basically gave the Democrats a big political gift: the nation's Black vote. In more recent times, some conservatives have appeared ready to give up on the Hispanic vote, which comes from the nation's largest -- and fastest-growing -- minority group. (Blacks are the second largest.)

Young people (under 30) aren't a minority group, but if they were they'd be almost as big as the Black and Hispanic minorities.

Many conservatives have also given up on the gay and lesbian vote, about 20%-25% of which went to George Bush (according to CNN exists) in 2000 and 2004. In fact, if George Bush hadn't won tens of thousands of G/L votes in Florida eight years ago, well, President Al Gore would be nearing the end of his second term. Thus, in one sense, GWB won Florida because of the gay vote!

Currently, we conservatives also aren't doing well with working women who, in the primaries, are voting by huge majorities in the primaries for the Democratic candidate. For decades, women professionals (lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists) have been deserting the GOP in droves. We must turn that around.

Again, much as I love older white males, being one myself, they aren't enough by themselves anymore to win elections.

We Republicans can't prevail with strong support only from angry white males, such as the McCain supporter cited above.We don't need to agree with every group on all issues, but we do have to listen to their concerns, treat them with respect -- and ask for their support. We must not stereotype diverse populations and dismiss them as somehow contemptible.

John McCain desperately needs support from every group I've mentioned. If we imply otherwise, we're playing a role in sinking John McCain's heroic effort.

Note: John McCain needs your love and support, but he also needs your money to remain competitive. Obama has raised a whole lot more money than McCain. So, please click on this link and make a contribution


Mule Skinner said...

The title says it all: Avoiding Political Death Wish.

If the Republican Party wanted to avoid political death wish it should never have nominated John McCain. One would think that Republicans had learned a lesson from 1996 about nominating aging Senators with questionable liberal credentials (and Bob Dole was ten times more a man and a leader than McCain will ever be).

You write further: "John McCain desperately needs support from every group I've mentioned. If we imply otherwise, we're playing a role in sinking John McCain's heroic effort."

You will spend a lot of time between now and November urging support for an unsupportable candidate.

How sad. The times demand a strong leader and the Republicans do not provide one, instead guaranteeing that the nation will suffer under a socialist democrat. Venezuela elected Hugo Chavez, and now it looks as though we will elect our own Chavez.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Mule Skinner, thanks for visiting but your views on John McCain (comparing him to Hugo Chavez) are those of an American moron. McCain has an 82.3% voting record from the American Conservative Union. Obama's record is 0. Gee, which one should I vote for. John McCain is an American hero of the VietNam War, and you are not a hero in any conceivable sense.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa

Mule Skinner said...

Reread my post, a little more carefully. Obama is the equivalent of Hugo Chavez; and the nomination of an unstable has-been by the Republicans is what will result in our own American version of Chavez - Barak Obama.

Are you the best McCain has in the way of supporters?

Stephen R. Maloney said...

I didn't read your post carefully because it is full of prejudices and barren of sense. A lot of people have gone broke underestimating John McCain. Ask Thompson (both), Romney, Giuliani, and Huckabee. Ronald Reagan was an outstanding President at when he was older than McCain. Obama has called Hugo Chavez a man with despotic tendencies.