Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Jouranlists Can You Trust

At some point in early November I'm going to send out details information about the "media you can trust." They may take a point of view, but they admit to it -- as Michelle Malkin would -- and they sincerely try to find out the truth. Judi McLeod at CanadaFreePress is one. The Weekly Standard is another. The Wall Street Journal is by far the best truth-teller among the big dailies.

I used to write for National Review, and I've always found it a very worthwhile publication. Fortune magazine (which I also wrote for a couple of times) is a serious publication about business.

There are also columnists who distinguish themselves regularly, including Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle, and some others. Sean Hannity of FOX is admittedly no Edward R. Murrow, but he's infinitely better than his competitors.

Katie Hastings Omalley of Human Events is one of the best political journalists around. Kyra Phillips is the one very good journalist at CNN. Heidi Collins is also good within the constraints of that network. Amanda Carpenter at Townhall is consistently solid, as is Diana West at Washington Times.

This is not people's "standard fare," but these people and outlets are the ones decent Americans should be reading and viewing. Pass this along if you'd like.

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