Sunday, October 5, 2008

PA Sportsmen for McCain-Palin

PA Sportsmen for McCain-Palin -

Attached are some talking points [will print later] about the 2nd Amendment and sportsmen issues for you to distrbute amongst your contacts - gun clubs, gun shops, sportsmen assocations, friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. Barack Obama will lie and say anything to get elected. What Barack Obama dismisses as a (deer) "shooter," we in Pennsylvania call a "sportsman" or a "hunter."

Senator Obama has demonstrated once again that he doesn't understand Pennsylvanians - and after suggesting that many of us here "cling" to our religion and guns, he also doesn't seem interested in learning. Although the sportsmen community knows Barack Obama is no friend, his comments reinforce the critical need for hunters, anglers and 2nd Amendment supporters to defend our traditions and mobilize behind our allies John McCain and Sarah Palin.

We need to work together and get the message out there because the media is defintely not going to do it for us. I have also copied a recently circulated memo from our National HQ about health care as Barack Obama continues to spread decetful information about the McCain plan.

Please let me know if you interested in coming in to a Victory Office to help get the message out. We need you!


Trenholm717 306 8229

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